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Does Video Content Help a Website for Healthcare Stand Out?

Videos are powerful marketing tools. They are one of the most common ways people learn and entertain. On average, consumers watch 16 hours of online videos a week. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet, with more than three billion monthly searches. It’s also the #1 most visited website in the world. Posting a video there can help more people find you if you play your cards right.

A good marketing strategy entertains, informs, and educates its audience and leads potential patients to you. That said, videos help make information more enjoyable and interesting. Instead of reading text explaining your clinic’s services, they’re greeted with a video that guides them through your services.

Let us guide you into how video marketing for healthcare can help your clinic.

How Video Helps with Content Marketing

More and more people are now using video in their digital marketing, and it’s now one of the most popular forms of engagement. A website for healthcare should use it in its healthcare marketing campaign because it:

Makes You an Authority

Sharing information can help turn your clinic into an authority in the industry. You can do this by posting video clips of relevant information about the medical world. You can also use this to answer FAQs about the niche. Lastly, show videos highlighting success stories, protocols, and other important information about your clinic and services.

Helps Build Brand Image

Videos can help boost your clinic’s image. They allow you to present your brand or clinic any way you like and show viewers how caring, competent, and reliable you are.

Gives Your Clinic Shareable Content for Social Media

Video content is a crucial component of social media. Videos keep people on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and they are easy to share. Use social media’s power to your advantage by creating engaging and valuable video content.

Video Marketing Ideas For Your Clinic

The possibilities are endless with videos, but they may also overwhelm you when you’re just starting. Here are some video ideas for healthcare marketing:

FAQs and AMAs

Frequently Asked Questions and Ask Me Anything videos are a good fit for live streaming on social media. Patients can ask a doctor or a healthcare practitioner their medical-related questions and get answers in real-time. It can also work on other platforms by collecting your audience’s questions ahead of time.

How-To Videos and Demos

These videos often show your viewers how to do something healthcare-related, from how to make healthy recipes to simple first-aids. They can also demonstrate the benefits of some healthcare-related products or services.

Staff Interviews

Clinics are often a place people dread to be in. Helping patients get to know the staff before they visit often helps humanize your entire clinic personnel, making people’s minds at ease.

These interviews allow your practitioners and staff to discuss their education, experiences, and expertise. This helps them build trust and rapport with patients and their professional colleagues.

Explainer and Awareness Videos

These videos are geared towards educating or informing their viewer. Explainer videos are great for sharing information about how patients can improve their health or if your clinic is dealing with a pressing topic. They focus more on explaining topics you’re knowledgeable about, which helps your patients and establishes your expertise.

Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials can provide comfort, guidance, and a valuable connection to anyone considering becoming a patient at your clinic, regardless of the procedure they need. That’s why a website for healthcare should always put them on its landing page or share them on social media.

Always obtain your patient’s permission before sharing their testimonials, and seek out patients who are excited to share their stories. These testimonials can help show your expertise and give real-life examples of how it feels to be taken care of by your clinic.

Tips and Best Practices For Video Content Creation

Video marketing, like most marketing strategies, has a few golden rules to go by. These rules apply to all video types, healthcare-related or not. They will help make your video clear, informative, entertaining, and impactful.

Here are some tips and best practices you need to know about making entertaining, professional-looking, and easy-to-understand videos for your website.

Have the Right Equipment

A camera, microphone, and lighting equipment are some of the most basic video equipment you’ll need to take high-quality and consistent images and audio. Otherwise, you’ll be at the mercy of ambient lighting and your phone’s built-in microphone, which could result in a not-so-enticing video quality.

However, no one expects you to create a Hollywood masterpiece, but it helps to have high-quality videos. You don’t need to spend a lot on these essentials, but it’s best that you build a dependable kit to create videos with.

Tell a Story

Regardless of its length, effective internet marketing must tell a story, including your video content. Storytelling keeps people engaged and focused. Without a compelling narrative that people will want to follow, your video could easily bore viewers.

Get the Tone Right

Healthcare is a delicate topic, so always approach your video with compassion, empathy, and care. A healthcare video should be clear, calm, reassuring, and positive. Don’t be vague when sharing information your viewers may need, but don’t make the video dramatic, negative, or frightening.

Keep It Short and Simple

Most people’s attention spans have become shorter than ever. People will expect your video to deliver the information they need right away. Otherwise, they will close your site or scroll past your page.

Videos on the internet should be five to ten minutes long. Most will likely be a minute or less, especially if they’re part of your social media marketing strategy. Keep them informative and to the point, especially during the opening moments.

Write a Good Script

Scripting allows you to share information, tell stories, and keep things simple and straight to the point. Every second of your video is crucial; don’t waste them by looking for the right words to say. You should still write a script even if you don’t think you need one. It will prove valuable even on unexpected formats like ten-second welcome videos or Instagram Livestreams.

Don’t Forget the Subtitles

Most people will watch your video on their mobile devices, which are muted most of the time. Your video will need to communicate without sound. Subtitles can help solve this problem. They also allow people with hearing impairments to enjoy your video.

Focus on Education and Useful Information

Aside from entertaining your audience, your videos should give something valuable to your viewers. Healthcare videos are an excellent opportunity to educate people about taking better care of their bodies and health.

Take inspiration from what your viewers and patients are looking for if you need help with what to say. Do they ask questions about aftercare? Are you constantly being asked questions by your reception staff about your online booking system? Video content allows you to answer all your viewer’s questions and solve their problems before they even ask.

Optimize for Your Platform

You’ll probably use different media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and other video-sharing platforms. However, they all have varying requirements for length, file type, dimensions, and more. Do your research to ensure you’re publishing the type of video users expect to see.

Key Takeaway

Videos are one of the most versatile and popular content types around today. Websites for healthcare should utilize them because it helps build their image, establish their authority, and gives their clinic shareable content over social media.

Some video content ideas include FAQs and AMAs, testimonials, staff interviews, and explainer videos. Keep your videos short and simple, and have the right gear ready. Focus on educating and giving patients information, but always keep the tone right. Write a good script to follow regardless of the video’s length, and research how to optimize your video for different platforms.

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