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Google Search Results: How To Get Your Clinic’s Website on Top

Everyone wants their medical website to be at the top of Google search results to come out on top of their competitors. It’s not really surprising since 73% of patients use the internet to search for health professionals, and 83% use search engines to find answers about their health.

Another thing you should know is that people visit the first three results in about 55% of searches. If your clinic’s website isn’t close to the top three, you’ll most probably lose possible clients to your competition that ranks higher in search results.

Some Things To Know About Google Search Results

Searching for something on Google will result in a page full of results that has many elements. Identifying what element you’re seeing may be difficult because so many are identical.

Some of the Google search features you can use to get your clinic’s website on top are:


Advertisements are common Google search features that often appear at the top or bottom of the results page to drive leads to your clinic with a tag that reads “ad.” Many companies use them to advertise keywords like “best bakeshop in Arizona” to bring people looking to make a purchase or avail of a service. And yes, you can also use this to advertise your clinic.

Organic Listings

Understanding the search results is the first step in understanding how Google’s search engine works. Its most popular feature is organic listing, and you will see multiple of them that point you to a website.

The three components of an organic search result are:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • URL

These listings come from websites that best match your search query. Google ranks websites based on how relevant they are to your keyword search. You’ll find many listings on different websites that answer your query, although the number of organic search results you see will vary depending on your search.

Feature Snippets

Snippets are another search feature you’ll see with paid and organic listings. They are a block of text that appears at the top of the search page that pulls information from an organic listing to answer your query.

People are more likely to click on the first listing they see, which makes featured snippets a popular way to get on top of the search results.

Local SEO 3-pack

The Local SEO 3-pack is a box at the top of search results that lists three local businesses matching the query. It’s another excellent way to drive traffic to your page and clinic.

How To Get Your Clinic’s Website on Top of Google Search Results

Things stay on top of Google’s search results isn’t because of chance. Their outputs are entirely based on algorithms, which include the most relevant links to visitors’ search queries.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the way to go. Here are some SEO tips that can help get your clinic’s website on top of search results.

Make your clinic’s website mobile-friendly, fast, and secure.

Google’s ranking factors include security, speed, and mobile friendliness. If your clinic’s website takes more than three seconds to load, people will choose to visit another one rather than stay. Google also won’t rank your clinic’s website and turn away visitors if it’s not secure. Lastly, ensure your clinic’s website is mobile-friendly because more people are using their phones to search the internet, and studies show that mobile use is expected to increase in the future.

Make your URLs short.

Your website’s address is also known as URL, short for Universal Resource Locator. Default URLs typically contain a complex assortment of numbers, letters, and special characters — things that Google and your users don’t particularly like.

Editing your clinic’s URL helps boost its search result ranking. Make it short, and use it to describe each page clearly and efficiently.

Make sure your page titles and descriptions are on-point.

Optimizing your page’s title and meta description is another good strategy to get your clinic’s website on top of search results. Your title is the first thing visitors see, so make sure it’s well written and includes your keyword. You should also keep it within Google’s character limits, ranging from 50 to 60 characters.

Your page’s meta description is a short paragraph below the title that people read to check if your page will answer their queries. Optimize it by including keywords and describing what your audience will find when they click on the link.

Use keywords related to your clinic or your skill.

Your clinic’s website should have keywords integrated into its content to optimize it for search engines like Google. Health care providers have varying specialties, and most people search for local medical services. You can use this to create a keyword to use.

However, keywords can vary depending on your practice. You can use Google keyword planner to find the most relevant keywords for your content and skill or Google Search Console to track them.

Stuffing your content with keywords is a thing of the past; avoid doing it, or Google will penalize you for it.

Craft top-quality content.

Your clinic’s website also needs quality content to stay on top. Quality content can help make lives easier and answer their needs and desires, drawing traffic to your clinic’s website.

Let experts do it for you.

These tips may seem simple, but they will still require time and effort to master and maintain. Sometimes, it’s best to let go and allow professionals to handle your website’s tasks.

Key Takeaway

Getting on top of Google’s search results is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your clinic’s website.

You can use search result elements, like organic listings, feature snippets, and Local SEO 3-pack, to your advantage. You can do this by crafting quality content, using keywords relevant to your skills or the clinic’s services. Your website should also be fast, safe, and mobile-friendly, and you should make sure your URL, page titles, and descriptions are on point. Or, you can let experts handle all of these tasks for you.

Let our team handle all the heavy lifting.

Our experts at Advanced Digital Medical Services provide SEO for medical websites and medical web development. They also offer medical website design services that will improve your clinic’s website aesthetics and ranking on Google.

We only use the best strategies to get our clients on top. Grow your clinic with us today.

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