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Adding Images To Your Clinic’s Website: A Guide

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Not using images on your clinic’s website is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. In today’s digital age, your clinic’s online presence is no longer optional but necessary. Your clinic’s website is a virtual front door for your practice, so make it visually appealing and user-friendly to attract and retain patients. Adding images […]

Choosing the Best Website Builder for Your Clinic’s Website

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Online marketing is now a priority for the healthcare industry. According to, a patient’s journey often begins online, when they look for useful medical websites and a medical provider near them. Nearly 5% of Google’s searches are health-related, and 60% of healthcare consumers search for providers before booking an appointment. You’ll need to invest time […]

Web Design: Why Medical Websites Should Care for It

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A 2006 Pew Research Center survey shows that 80% of internet users have searched for medical and other health-related topics online. This is a large number of healthcare information requests, proving that medical websites are one of the most visited and, therefore, should be well-designed to boost user experience. However, many websites for clinics struggle to do […]

Does Video Content Help a Website for Healthcare Stand Out?

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Videos are powerful marketing tools. They are one of the most common ways people learn and entertain. On average, consumers watch 16 hours of online videos a week. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet, with more than three billion monthly searches. It’s also the #1 most visited website in the world. Posting a video […]

Health Care Websites Should Avoid These Mistakes

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Your clinic’s website is the first point of contact for many patients to your practice. Patients will leave your website if they can’t find what they’re looking for or don’t like what they see, and you’ll lose their business. Unfortunately, many health care websites are difficult to navigate or contain outdated information. Your practice should […]

How to Make Quality Content for Your Clinic’s Website

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Your clinic’s website is more than just an online brochure. It has the potential to be so much more. Why not add content? Aside from making your clinic’s website less dull, it also fleshes out your practice and becomes a reliable source of information in your niche, which can boost your client list in the […]

Google Search Results: How To Get Your Clinic’s Website on Top

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Everyone wants their medical website to be at the top of Google search results to come out on top of their competitors. It’s not really surprising since 73% of patients use the internet to search for health professionals, and 83% use search engines to find answers about their health. Another thing you should know is […]

Why Medical Clinics Need a Website

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Your clinic’s future depends on both your present and future patients, and competition is inevitable. Healthcare facilities cannot rely on their number of patients to grow on their own; instead, they need to make every effort to increase their client base. Here’s where websites will come into play. A good medical website is essential to […]